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Due to a continuously deteriorating health, I was consequently way behind schedule last year and unable to paint. - thus, hopefully during Spring 2018, I plan to upload a small series of paintings that's been under ways for quite a while now, inspired by the intricate delicacy of this Haiku poem:


Pure white plum blossoms

slowly begin to turn

the color of dawn*

A genuinely Happy New Year for everyone, stirred by the gentle rays of Primavera herself.


January '18


* the pocket haiku, translated by Sam Hamill.

  Shambhala Press, Boston & London 2014. Buson, p. 61




After 2,5 years of increasing damage of my right hand due to a serious accident and after having now terminated a 4 month long exhausting medical treatment process, I have just been granted surgical operation; wow! - finally! - a sudden spark of spunk, hoping to reestablish my daily life, work-faculties as well as my creative abilities.

... the gentle light of Spring might be on its way after all and whenever I've doubted that, I have simply dug deep into my favorite sources of inspiration, allowing myself to be absorbed by poetical gems such as this extraodinary exegesis on the seasonal metamorphosis, by none less than the Pre-Paphaelite Arts and Crafts pioneer William Morris:


Folk say, a wizard to a northern king

at Christmas-tide such wondrous things did show,

that through one window men beheld the spring,

and through another saw the summer glow,

and through a third the fruited-vines a-row,

while still, unheard, but in its wonted way,

piped the drear wind of that December day *

- or by this reassuring reflection, so beautifully adorned by its simple ways, by the Haiku master Rotsu:


Higan-mae   samusa mo hito-yo   futa-yo kana


Before the spring equinox;

the cold will last

only a night or two more **


Happy New Year everyone ... in celebration of light, joy and inspiration


January '17


William Morris by Himself. Design and Writings, edited by Gillian Naylor.

   Little, Brown and Company, UK 2000, p. 44, from: The Earthly Paradise

** Haiku. Volume 2. Spring, by R.H. Blyth. The Hokuseido Press, Tokyo 1981, p. 573




I've been sittin' here, writing about the most wondrous topics:

About Lorca's all-encompassing duende, about the magical return of the "first day of spring" - the Sacred Rite of Spring - and its link to the Haiku-poem's inspiration by the seasonal changes and I've also been absorbed by the many aspects of Ruskin's thesis:

"The action of the hand at its finest [in joint effort] with that of the heart at its fullest" *


However, the whole thing has kept expanding, taking up much more space here, than intended. Furthermore, a small favourite verse keeps ringing in my mind, a verse that just might be of more relevance right now, the violent revolts by the end of 2015 taken into consideration.


It is a Tao Teh Ching verse, whose imperishable feminine nature needs no further comment:


The Spirit of the Fountain dies not.

It is called the Mysterious Feminine.

The Doorway of the Mysterious Feminine

is called the Root of Heaven-and-Earth.

Lingering like a gossamer

it has only a hint of existance;

yet when you draw upon it,

it is inexhaustible, **

Happy New Year, everyone.


January '16

* On Art and Life, by John Ruskin, Penguin Books - Great Ideas, p. 70, London, 2004

** Tao Teh Ching, by Lao Tzu, translated by John C.H. Wu, Shambhala Pocket Classics, stanza no.6, Boston & London, 1990



After having obtained my BA-degree by 01.10.14 and thus made it Bachelor of Arts in Art History, the first round of winter exams on the Master's level was waiting. In connection with one of my assignments I came across a number of

profoundly beautiful quotes by Vincent van Gogh (1853-90); here are a few of them:


                                                     "All right, then... that is my ambition, based less on resentment than on love in

                                                      spite of everything, based more on a feeling of serenety than of passion. Though

                                                      I am often in the depths of misery, there is still calmness, pure harmony and music

                                                      inside me. I see paintings in the poorest cottages, in the dirtiest corners, and my

                                                      mind is driven towards these things with an irrisisible momentum... I have nature

                                                     and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough!?... if you truly love

                                                     nature, you will find beauty everywhere;... and I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it

                                                     with all my heart"


- Whole lotta love, right!? ... and a Happy new year!


January '15



09.01.14... Celebration time!!!

A new year also means time for reconsideration, reflection and - most importantly - new planning! For this site it will include the presentation of 2 new series of paintings, based on 2 lyrics of mine; Muse Descending and Day Off.

Both series of paintings ought to be ready during the spring, and are dealing with such topics as death, cyclic metamorphosis and transformation, in a variety of ways. 

- I'm looking much forward to working within the context of the interaction between word and image ... and I'm quite curious 'bout the results!

Happy new year, everybody!


January '14



- hereby adding quite a number of newly written lyrics, giving way to numerous motifs and series of paintings. All I need now is a bit of TIME - a bit of time on my side, really - in isolated delight at my studio, and it will all materialize.

Below, a fine quotation by Turner, who was also facinated by the chemistry and interaction between word and image, and practised both:..

"Painting and Poetry flowing from the same fount mutually by vision, constantly comparing Poetic allusions by natural forms in one and applying forms found in nature to the other, meandering into streams by application, which reciprocally improved reflect and highten each others beauties like ... mirrors"*


October '13 

*J.M.W. Turner, Royal Academy Lecture, 1812

from; Painting and Poetry. Turner's "Verse Book" and his work of 1804-1812, by A. Wilton, Tate Gallery, 1990





The fall of a soul eclipsed

towards frontiers unexplored*

                                  (Jean Voigt, 1982)


... a couple of favourite lines of mine, from one of Jean's poems, that accompanied the costume and décor sketches in his '82 Mirage de la Decadence-exhibition catalogue (after this exhibition he took me in as an apprentice, following two years of renegade volunteer assistance)

     Francis Bacon is quoted as having stated: "The job of the artist is always to deepen the Mystery" - well, doesn't that include; "...getting deeply absorbed by the Mystery"!?; ...allowing oneself to be embraced by or encompassed by the mystery of creativity ...letting go ... succumbing to the moment ... dissolving momentarily ... becoming transparent ...

     That's the kind of reflections Bacon's statement kick-starts in me, anyway, while creativity itself flows like a ceaseless undercurrent inherent in all that I do, regardless of jobs, obligations, exams, obstacles and related everyday challenges. Which is why 2012 also contained some pretty intense outbursts of creativity, resulting in numerous sketches, notes, new palettes as well as quite a number of new lyrics:


     Whenever I find myself facing a period with too much resistance on the mundane level for painting to unfold in (oil painting being a demanding medium,) I take to writing - it's been like that for many years and it allows me to - sort of - hold on to the frail and fierce and fluent images and emotional inspirations that emerge and swirl around me like the flickering of birds' wings echoing through darkened, poignant, mental arcades, insisting to be acknowledged without being violated and to be embraced without being suffocated ...and thus arranged in or lured into a physical form like lyrics that I can always return to (much like a memory book) and paint from, whenever time permits.

     So after having been hung up on mundane stuff for what has felt like "forever", right now I'm being treated to a fruitful period - an astrological transit of mercy, if you like - or at least a break from the usual obstacles, that permits an overflowing of creativity and structure, all in one! During the upcoming autumn and winter this will hopefully result in quite a few new paintings which will be presented here along with examples on how images and lyrics intertwine.

     Prior to that, this site will see an update including a number of adjustments - and meanwhile I shall - again - do as one of my all time favourite lyrical stanzas suggests:


With a heart of furious fancies,

Whereof I am commander,

With a burning spear,

And a horse of air

To the wilderness I wander.**

                                     (Tom O'Bedlams song)

Happy New Year, y'all!


January '13


 * "Mirage de la Decadence", Jean Voigt Exhibition Catalogue, Charlottenborg, Cph. 1982

** see e.g "Tom O'Bedlams Song", in E.A.Poe's "Hans Phall - a Tale"; or A. Crowley's Gems from the Equinox




... all of a sudden - out of the blue - photographer Tonny Pomiklo contacts me with the kind intention of letting me know that he's got guite a few additional photos from the '82 session at Charlottenborg where he photographed me for Jean in the elaborate evening-gowns and costumes that were on display at the "Mirage de la Decadence"-exhibition ...

- it was my first major photo-shoot for Jean and I was so scared that I couldn't honour his expectations ...therefore the two additional photos that I've just upload'ed bring back a lot of memories ... Ill get back to you on that some other day, as for now; thanks a lot to Tonny Pomiklo for making this approach!


December '10




 Well, the "big news" at this point is simply the fact that this webpage - after quite a few years of delays and different obstacles -  is finally ready to roll.

 At the same time I've reached at point where it has become easier for me to claim more time for myself in the studio and as a result, much will unfold with greater ease, in regards to ( "getting stuff done" ) the series and upcoming exhibitions mentioned elsewhere in this forum.

Therefore personally - how ever insignificant this may naturally be to anybody else - the 29th of October '10 marks a milestone and a new chapter for me in many ways.


October '10



Please note that the paintings are displayed in a random and kind of upredictable manner ... and that every now an then I replace them with other stuff...